If You Thought Counting To Three Was Hard . . .

Yes, the Commission met last night in a Special Meeting to whittle down the list of candidates for the City Manager position. There's a nasty and unsubstantiated rumor flying around that somehow the process was perverted by Commissioner Maxwell and the other newly Electeds by bringing forward 5 candidates instead of 3 for the final selection process.

Well I hate to bring actual evidence into play when rumors and spurious allegations of misconduct are so much more fun, but here goes. The very first words spoken after the meeting was brought to order and the roll taken came from the Director of Human Resources, Mark Farrington, who asked the Commission to please bring the list down to 5 candidates, not 3. The Acting City Manager chimed in that was his suggestion as well. Commissioner Christopher McVoy added and I quote, "I think the suggestion makes sense."

If you care to hear this actual evidence for yourself, Click Here to hear the audio recording of last night's meeting for yourself. Aren't there enough opportunities for healthy recreation in Lake Worth without inventing hilarious delusions about conspiracies. Sheesh!


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