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Tripod Attack walkthrough

Tripod Attack is a side scroller point and click action game from Oleg Antipov in which take control of a gigantic alien walker. Your mission is to clean up the world off humanity that has become a virus to this poor planet's environment. Battle infantry, light vehicles, tanks and gunships through 16 levels as you upgrade your tripod walker for more firepower.

I don't what makes these humans think that they can face a gigantic alien machine heads on but that's cool because you don't have weapons on the back if they try to plank you lol. Anyways, this game has a nice graphics, a music that makes you feel you are unstoppable but unfortunately you are not so you have to take out enemies as soon as you can or they will take you down. Also if you want to have a super weapon of some sort you have to unlock the cool menu by completing all achievements. Meanwhile, here is Tripod Attack walkthrough showing game completed.

Orange Gravity Level Pack walkthrough

Orange Gravity Level Pack is a point and click physics based puzzle game from Tommy Creo in which you must collect all lemons. You will have to do that by using another citrus fruit which is the orange. However, rules of physics applies so it will that all easy to do.

There are fifteen brand new levels and some of them are really challenging that can make one's brain squeeze out its juices. Meanwhile, here is Orange Gravity Level Pack walkthrough showing the game completed.

Pocket God Episode 44 walkthrough

Pocket God Episode 44 The Perfect Swarm is a cartoon fantasy game for the iphone (ipod touch and ipad) from Bolt Creative. Apparently, the blocked door in the temple's chamber of time has been opened leading  to the frightening Loscut room where an enormously disgusting queen can produce a swarm of locusts. Create the swarm and experiment to see what they can do to unsuspecting pygmies.

Indeed the countdown to doom gets a whole lot grosser with installment. Find all of the locust interactions to earn the Locust God idol for battle of the gods. Meanwhile, if you are here searching for a guide of some sort to specific episodes, check this Pocket God walkthrough I am collecting which deal with the challenges.

Here are some of the Challenges in episode 44:
Enter the chamber of locusts - And behind door number two
Poke Locust Queen in the belly - Do you have the stomach for it?
Serve Pygmy Snack to Locus Queen - Snack time!
Locust Queen swallows Pygmy - Eater's Digest
Locust Queen gives …

Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 walkthrough

Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 is now out and you can now play it online on a bunch of places on the web. If you are not familiar with FPA, this is where you play as stick dude wearing a fancy pair of pants running around, climbing walls, jumping and sliding through a world full of squiggles. In short it has everything you need for an awesome platformer game.

This game is consist of a bunch of levels namely, Squiggleville, The Royal Tub, Outer Squiggleville, Canopy Forest, Bummin It Beach, Pirate Cove, Piraty Princess Ship, Misplaced Cave and Island Express. Each of them are quite large and might be hiding some secret places where only the fanciest stick men can only find. Meanwhile, here I collect Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 walkthrough (FPAW3w) showing game completed.

Infectonator 2 walkthrough

Infectonator 2 is a new pixel style zombie game from Toge Productions in which your goal is to infect people with a virus. This is the sequel to the hit original game and it is now packed with new features giving you the control to infect entire continents one by one. There more funny characters, lots of things to upgrade and better graphics.

Infecting the world population with a zombiefying virus is not an easy task but it is surely one addicting thing to do. If you have not played the first game, I suggest that you check it out too. Meanwhile, here I collect Infectonator 2 walkthrough for those who might need it.

Ragnarok Eternal walkthrough

Ragnarok Eternal is a platformer role playing game from ShadowWhoWalks in which you crawl dungeons and ruins while slashing enemies Castlevania style. Apparently, three hundred years ago, a crazy mage had a failed experiment on the undead that brought these army of mummies, skeleton and other filthy creatures pillaging villages. As and adventurer, your mission is to take advantage of this situation to become awesome. Grind on mobs, defeat bosses, pick up loots and learn powerful skills is what this is all about.

It's obvious that his game is built from materials of other popular games but it still a great game with lengthy hours of gameplay so let's just say thanks to the author of this one. Meanwhile, here I collect Ragnarok Eternal walkthrough including boss rush that I will update every now and then when new videos are found (you can also share tips and hints of your own in the comments below).