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All is available in portable accommodation

Looking for building materials in the store building is not as easy as imagined. Because not all stores have a full inventory in bulk. And to build a very tall buildings, which is an indispensable ingredient. Is not possible if you have to move around the shop. a portable accommodation provide the best solution for it. There is a number of buildings providing you want.

Balihoo Offers "Local Marketing Automation" for Channel Partners

One of first marketing automation systems I ever saw – this would be during the Reagan Presidency – was a custom-built dial-up network to distribute collateral to farm equipment dealers. This and similar seeds have since sprouted into a forest of products that help brand marketers work with dealers, distributors, franchisees, and agents. Some of these channel marketing systems focus on lead distribution, some on locally-customizable promotion materials, and some on campaign management. All must mediate the delicate relationship between relatively sophisticated central marketing departments and their firmly independent channel partners. These products are part of the marketing automation industry, although their specialized nature places them on the periphery. General purpose marketing automation vendors also compete for this business with what are usually called “distributed marketing” options. I keep a distant eye on the space because it’s relevant but there are too many choices to …

Sell Your House Fast At A Fair Price

sell your house fast You bought your home thinking you might stay there forever. You never imagined that in a few years your top priority would be finding a buyer for this house. But the fact is, now you need to sell your house fast. Why can't you just wait for the "right" buyer? Maybe it's a job transfer or sadly, a divorce or foreclosure that forces you to act quickly. Did you inherit a house you don't want? Did you buy another home and you haven't been able to sell this one? Maybe you've wanted to move but you haven't gotten a fair offer for your home and you're tired of waiting. Then, again, do you need to downsize because you can't afford this house anymore? Or are you just fed up being a landlord? What's the easiest way to sell your house fast and without a lot of hassle? Suppose I told you that whatever the reason, you can sell your house fast to us? No gimmicks and no hidden fees. We take into consideration the age and conditio…

MU Online New Character Fast Leveling Guide

MU Online New Character Fast Leveling Guide by BBRG

Since the official guide gets no people no where I gonna explain the basics.

This is a PvM guide for those who have never played the game, it will focus on the ability to level up as soon as possible.

The basic classes (DK, DW, Elf, SU) are created with first and second quests completed. So they can access all 220 skills right away. You can

MU Online Magic Gladiator Level To 400 Guide

MU Online Magic Gladiator Level To 400 Guide by octogone

First I would like to say that this guide is a work in progress and any feedback/tips are greatly appreciated.

1. Anticipation

To create a magic gladiator you will first have to get a character to level 220. I would suggest using either a dk or dw (depending on the type of mg you will be creating later, sMG or eMG). I used a dk because

FarmVille 2 Prized Animals Basic Guide

FarmVille 2 Prized Animals Basic Guide by Lexilicious

Raising and caring for your animals is more than just fun—it’s rewarding, too! Putting all that work into gathering Milk Bottles and making Feed isn’t easy, but it will pay off when your animal turns into a Prized Animal! Keep feeding and harvesting your animals, and they will eventually mature into prize-winning, blue ribbon critters!

FarmVille 2 Crafting Kitchen Guide

FarmVille 2 Crafting Kitchen Guide by Lexilicious

When you reach Level 5, you can expand your farm to unlock a new, lucrative ability: Crafting! Use the Ingredients obtained from your Crops, Animals and Trees to create delicious Crafted Goods that you can sell for Coins in your Market Stand.

Unlocking the Craft Kitchen

When you unlock the expansion directly to the left of your starting

FarmVille 2 Consumables Guide

FarmVille 2 Consumables Guide by Lexilicious

Consumables can be purchased in the General Store for Farm Bucks. Alternatively, most Consumables can be sent as Free Gifts from your Neighbors.

Below is a list of the current Consumables available in FarmVille 2.


Dry crops will need to be watered before they start to grow, so keeping a healthy supply of water around is important. If you

FarmVille 2 Animals Basic Guide

FarmVille 2 Animals Basic Guide by Lexilicious

Your four legged companions are more than just cute… they are also the quickest way of earning Coins in FarmVille 2! Animals produce valuable Resources that you can use to create recipes in your Kitchen. Those Recipes can then be sold for Coins in your Market Stand!

What’s a Resource? Why are they important?

If you want to create a thriving

FarmVille 2 Expansions Guide

FarmVille 2 Expansions Guide by Lexilicious

When you first arrive at the farm, you’ll notice that things are a bit overgrown. Weeds cover the fields that have sat fallow for a long time. Give yourself a bit of extra room to grow by unlocking new land to add to your farm! As you level up in the game, additional land becomes available for you to unlock. Once you unlock new land, it becomes a

Pirate101 Tactics Tips and Tricks

Pirate101 Tactics Tips and Tricks by Shiningfantasia

As we all know, tactical battles are by nature a tad bit more difficult
and complex than regular one on one turn based battles. Especially since
there are multiple units involved at a time. Even if most of
you fellow pirates know this, I am putting this out there for our
younger ones, or those that are new to tactic fights. 1. The

FarmVille 2 Hen House Guide

FarmVille 2 Hen House Guide by Lexilicious

Hankering for more eggs? Looking for a fun way to earn some great rewards? Then our new Hen House feature is for you! The Hen House is a buildable structure in FarmVille 2 that you can harvest daily for a chance to receive Exotic Eggs! In addition to this, you will also receive bonus regular Eggs for every adult chicken you have on your farm.

FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Guide

FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Guide by Lexilicious

What is Fertilizer?

It may not smell the best, but Fertilizer is a very important resource in FarmVille 2!

Fertilized crops yield more Ingredients when harvested, which means more Coin in your pocket. In addition to this, a Fertilized crop may also produce a Prized Crop, which regular crops do not.

For more information on Prized Crops, please

FarmVille 2 Prized Crops Guide

FarmVille 2 Prized Crops Guide by Lexilicious

Grow brag-worthy crops on your Farm using Fertilizer! Fertilizing your crops increases the number of Resources that you get from one harvest, but it also makes it possible for you to produce Prize Crops!

What’s a Prize Crop?

A Prize Crop is an impressively large crop that you have a chance of obtaining when you harvest a Fertilized crop. Prize

FarmVille 2 Disable Auto Wall Posting Guide

FarmVille 2 Disable Auto Wall Posting Guide by Grimwell

What is posting on your behalf?

Posting on Your Behalf is a feature on Facebook that allows FarmVille 2 to share your latest accomplishments with all your Farming friends! If you have this turned on, your accomplishments in FarmVille 2 will be shared automatically on Facebook.

Many game activities can be shared, and will create events

FarmVille 2 Crop Profit Table

FarmVille 2 Crop Profit Table by Charis Sophia
per field harvest 12-hour harvesting max per day
Crop Name Unlock Levelgrow time seed cost sell price profit profit per hour feed produced feed per hour feed cost profit feed produced profit per field
Strawberry5 24:00:00 18246 0.25 10 0.42 2. 6106
Sunflower10 24:00:00 254722 0.92 11 0.46 3. 221122
Pumpkin 8:00:00 15205 0.63 4 0.50 4.

Battlefield Play4Free Recon Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Recon Guide by MuffinYea


Motion Sensor
I use the motion sensor in place of claymores, so that I can stop someone sneaking up behind me, or grenades, so that I can see (sort of) around corners. Also I probably get several hundred points per round in motion sensor kill assists, and about the same again in kills where it helps me see someone sneaking up on my a**e

Battlefield Play4Free Camping Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Camping Guide by RainWanderer

-If you generally do not like camping, this is not for you. You can disregard this guide entirely, although I do give some advices against camping.
-If you hate trolling, most likely you will also hate doing this. I advise you not to follow the guide.
-If you cannot handle hearing cries, complains, swears, or gennerally verbal

Battlefield Play4Free Suicide Attack Squad Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Suicide Attack Squad Guide by 303ConArtist

This particular guide was created for newcomers to show them the way to be efficient and helpful to their team and for veterans who are willing to learn new tactics. Also, this guide encourages team work, which is highly neglected by this game's developers but requested by the players. So, if the developers refuse

Battlefield Play4Free Veteran Tips

Battlefield Play4Free Veteran Tips by TankMitchels

TankMitchel here, I've been playing this game for about 7-8 months now and have ran into a lot of problems that a faced and came over after about the 100th time. I'm feeling nice so imma post as many of these tips to dominate servers and ones that save you from the suffering of looking stupid on servers. Here it is and i'll update daily.

Battlefield Play4Free Helicopters Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Helicopters Guide by cvwalker

Table of Contents:
I.Info and Basics
II.Training Points
III.Control Scheme
IV.Attack Priorities
VI.Advanced Maneuvers

So here goes, this is my first BFP4F Guide so feel free to leave feedback. Ok, a little backround. I started playing Battlefield back in the 1942 days and have played ever since(except

Battlefield Play4Free Teamplay Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Teamplay Guide by Viktor_Demidov

1. Overall classes specifics
1.1. Assault
1.2. Engineer
1.3. Medic
1.4. Recon
2. Team play
2.1. Teamwork on public groups
2.2. Tactic
2.3. Advantages
2.4. Disadvantages
3. Role in group
3.1. Assault
3.2. Engineer
3.3. Medic
3.4. Recon
3.5. Common
4. Group in various conditions
4.1. Urban fight specifics
4.2. Open field fight specifics

Battlefield Play4Free Training Points Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Training Points Guide by R0HYPN0LiZER

i made some overview about all classes training abilities

if u can confirm something working what is marked as "not confirmed" atm pls leave a reply and ill edit the main posting, aswell do that when you think something needs to be changed



Tier 1 Equipment Expertise:


Battlefield Play4Free One Button Spotting Guide

Battlefield Play4Free One Button Spotting Guide by rukqoa

Do you find it annoying that you have to press two buttons to spot? If you do, this post is here to help.

Here, I'm going to teach you how to bind your Q button to spot immediately and bind another button (G) to allow you to use the commo rose normally.

1. Fire up your Notepad and open My Documents > Battlefield Play4Free >

Battlefield Play4Free New Player's Guide

Battlefield Play4Free New Player's Guide by Skunkw0rks

Hello fellow soldiers,

I decided to write a little guide for all the newcomers who never played Battlefield 2 or Bad Company 2. I won't go into that much detail about skills or weapons since most of them aren't available now. But I want to give you an overview to all the gadgets and the overall gametype of P4F. As a BF2/BC2 and BFH

PlanetSide 2 Unlocks to Avoid Guide

PlanetSide 2 Unlocks to Avoid Guide by MonkeyTR

I decided create this guide after hearing about the incoming wipe and seeing the whine threads about wasted auraxium. Unless they fix some of the more useless ones after the character wipe people will be wasting their time, so hopefully someone finds this useful. I also intended to post this in the Planetside 2 BETA section, but went in general

PlanetSide 2 New Player's Guide

PlanetSide 2 New Player's Guide by Admiral Snuggles


Planetside 2. Oh boy, a lot of us have been waiting for this game. Either we were original Planetside fans, or we the sound of a next-gen MMOFPS with hundreds of players at once is music to our ears. Either way, there are a lot of people ready and waiting for Planetside: the Next Generation.

And you just got a beta key. Nice

Arctic Combat Basic Tips and Tricks

Arctic Combat Basic Tips and Tricks by TwinZ

1. Always try to prefire people!, You will kill him faster then he kills you!

2. Use the skill "Overcome crisis", it will restore your hp when under 50 hp.

3. Try to aim on the head!, It will kill your enemies faster AND nicer!

4. Try to complete evry daily mission you have to do, you will grant more XP and PTS!

5. Use a gun whit you're style, If

Arctic Combat Tactics and Tips Guide

Arctic Combat Tactics and Tips Guide by VraalAU

I'm going to keep this as simple as I can, but I may have to go into details. I have a few basic tips on how to be as effective as possible while playing Arctic Combat. As I am currently serving in the armed forces, I will share some very simple tips on how to gain combat effectiveness in Arctic Combat.


1. Aiming. This is self

MechWarrior Online Mech Hardpoints List

MechWarrior Online Mech Hardpoints List by gellidus


Head -
Centre Torso - 1 Missile
Centre Torso Rear -
Right Torso - 1 AMS
Right Torso Rear -
Left Torso -
Left Torso Rear -
Right Arm - 1 Energy 1 Missile
Left Arm - 1 Energy
Right Leg -
Left Leg -

Total: 1 AMS 2 Energy 2 Missile


Head -
Centre Torso - 1 Missile
Centre Torso Rear -
Right Torso - 1 AMS
Right Torso Rear -

MechWarrior Online Dragon Chassis Guide

MechWarrior Online Dragon Chassis Guide by Orzorn

This guide details the general tactics, need to know information, and details about the Dragon chassis that is essential to proper battlefield performance.

Before I begin, keep these two facts in mind during the guide:
The Dragon has a large, easy to hit center torso
The Dragon's hardpoints reflect those of a generalist
Good logic tells us

MechWarrior Online Mech Specific Tips

MechWarrior Online Mech Specific Tips by Garth Erlam and Paul Inouye

Jenner JR7-D

Be perpetually moving. The biggest advantage your ‘Mech has is mobility, use it!
Flank. Those four medium lasers and SRM-4’s absolutely devastate rear armour, and you can down even the mighty Atlas far quicker than you’d expect.
Fire and retreat. You can overheat extremely fast, so retreat in between volleys.

MechWarrior Online LRM Indirect Fire Support Guide

MechWarrior Online LRM Indirect Fire Support Guide by EndoDrake 263

Long Range Missiles, or LRMs to friends, are the premiere fire support weapon in the MechWarrior universe. Sure, there are systems that can strike farther - the Long Tom artillery cannon and Arrow IV cruise missile jump to mind - but LRMs are by far the most common weapon for such tasks. In fact, LRMs pretty much define the

MechWarrior Online Tactics and Strategy Guide

MechWarrior Online Tactics and Strategy Guide by Discordantone

 Most think that it is simple enough to replicate what they see a teammate dominating with, and then just run and gun... what they fail to seem to notice is the tactic in which their teammate deployed against various enemies. This thread has evolved to being both Killing Tactics, and Tactics on how to perform as various roles or

MechWarrior Online Slow Hunchback Guide

MechWarrior Online Slow Hunchback Guide by Xostriyad

Target Audience for the Guide:

Players that have gotten their feet wet testing out different mechs and loadouts and looking for a bit of insight to how others are playing the game and doing well for themselves.

Things not covered in this guide and a little bit as to why:

As the subject suggests, this is for slow Hunchbacks. All the

MechWarrior Online Mech Costs Analysis

MechWarrior Online Mech Costs Analysis by Fleeb the Mad

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the economy, the grind and what happens with players who are trying to buy their first mech following the reset. Reading some of the discussion about how long the grind is (or should be) left me with questions. Most particularly, the focus of this investigation is just where should someone

MechWarrior Online UAC5 Guide

MechWarrior Online UAC5 Guide by Bigchunk1

The UAC5 has become a special weapon. It not only fires once per cycle, but twice. Holding down the trigger on a UAC5 to fire two shots in a single reload cycle is called "Double shotting". This sharp increase in firepower, however, comes at a price. If you double shot with a UAC5, you suffer a 10% chance for the weapon to jam. If your weapon does

MechWarrior Online LRM Guide

MechWarrior Online LRM Guide by Abrahms

I've seen a few posts of players arguing over how bad LRMs are (yes, even after multiple buffs). First, unless you actually know what you're doing, its hard to reasonably evaluate their power. I have spent the LEAST amount of time testing LRMs, but still, after reading others posts it seems that many are very ill-informed.

Here is a few key points -

MechWarrior Online AC20 Guide

MechWarrior Online AC20 Guide by Sears

Detailed weapon stats here

Like to get up close and personal? Yes? Well then the AC/20 is probably for you. This weapon prioritises brute force over range to bring your foes down.


20 points of damage per shot.
120 points of damage per ton of ammo.
All damage to one area.
High DPS
Low heat
Rocks enemy's 'mech
Sounds cool



MechWarrior Online Jump Jet Basic Guide

MechWarrior Online Jump Jet Basic Guide by Asakara

Jump jets can be an asset in combat. Here are some things I learned thus far in my Jenner.. I hope it helps you.

Jumping mechanics

To start a jump press and hold your spacebar. This is the first phase of a jump and your jets will propel you upwards as long as you hold down the bar. To begin a controlled descent let go of the spacebar and

MechWarrior Online MechTree Introduction

MechWarrior Online MechTree Introduction by Paul Inouye

The MechTree is the first stage in upgrading your game experience using the XP you gain during matches. The MechTree is populated with 3 tiers of “Efficiencies” which augment the performance capabilities of your BattleMech.

So to begin with, let me walk you through the general process.

First off, you will gain MechXP (XP) and

MechWarrior Online Beginner's Tips

MechWarrior Online Beginner's Tips by CarpeMortis

As one of the newest testers, I found that getting started was a bit of a challenge. Nothing insurmountable, but not as smooth as it could be. For a start, the documentation is spotty at best. The MechWarrior Online New Player's FAQ post is great, and you should go read it now if you have not, but it leaves out some important things... like

MechWarrior Online Weapon Grouping Guide

MechWarrior Online Weapon Grouping Guide by Paul Inouye

How to set your weapon groups is as follows:

Hope this helps

$(function () {
$('div.iframe').load(" #mechwarrioronline");
Other MechWarrior Online (MWO) Articles

MechWarrior Online New Player's FAQ

MechWarrior Online New Player's FAQ by Helmer



W -Throttle Up
S -Throttle Down
A -Turn Left
D -Turn Right
X -Full Stop
C -Center Torso
TAB -Scoreboard
P -Toggle Power
O -Override Shutdown

Weapons & Targeting

R -Target Enemy 'Mech
↑ -Move Up Weapon List
↓ -Move Down Weapon List
← -Move Left Weapon List
→ -Move Right Weapon List
RIGHT CTRL -Assign/Unassign

MechWarrior Online Engine Speed Guide

MechWarrior Online Engine Speed Guide by Aegis Kleais

Below is a quick Chassis to Engine Size to Speed Chart. (The chart does NOT reflect whether a chassis can carry the specified engine)

Commando (25 tons)
100 – 64.8 kph
110 – 71.3 kph
120 – 77.8 kph
130 – 84.2 kph
140 – 90.7 kph
150 – 97.2 kph
160 – 103.7 kph
170 – 110.2 kph
180 – 116.6 kph
190 – 123.1 kph
200 – 129.6 kph
210 – 136.1 kph

MechWarrior Online Beginner's Guide

MechWarrior Online Beginner's Guide by Dark Severance

BattleMech Classes

Light 'Mechs are those that weigh between 20 and 35 tons. They often serve as Scout 'Mechs or Striker roles because they are generally fast, and tend to mount light weapon payloads or electronics and ECM equipment. Some can be quite formidable despite their small size.
Announced Battlemechs: Commando, Raven,

MechWarrior Online Target Designation Guide

MechWarrior Online Target Designation Guide by StainlessSR

After Playing a bit I have found that a few new players have been a little confused by what is target designation. Other posts have covered just about everything in detail except this, so I have decided to post a clarification on the subject.

Please excuse the crudely done arrows but MS Paint is all I have to edit with. Yes this is

MechWarrior Online Playing As A Team Guide

MechWarrior Online Playing As A Team Guide by Taryys

This is turning out kind of long, but hopefully informative, so be prepared for a wall of text. A lot of this is pulled from memory, so it is not all correct. I will have to take some time here to verify and validate the info here. If you have any corrections or suggestions, please let me know.

Parts of this Guide:
1. Mechlab Social

MechWarrior Online Team Roles Overview

MechWarrior Online Team Roles Overview by Assiah

We have several roles that can be filled in game, and almost none of them are related to the tonnage of your mech.

Scout role:
Eyes and ears of the team, they tend to be quick to cover more ground and carry only enough weapons to defend themselves. They may or may not have good armor. Their job is to find the enemy and report their location

MechWarrior Online Weapon Stats Values

MechWarrior Online Weapon Stats Values by Krivvan

So I figured I'd be helpful and post all the relevant values for all the weapons currently available. Most (or rather all) of these numbers are derived from the ItemStats.xml file.


- Damage refers to damage dealt at optimum range. Damage lessens up to max range where no damage occurs. The same occurs for minimum ranges on everything

MechWarrior Online Heat Optimization Guide

MechWarrior Online Heat Optimization Guide by Khobai

This guide will help you design a mech with an optimal heat ratio.

For my example I'll use a stock Catapult C-1 with x4 lasers, x2 lrm15s, and x15 heat sinks.

The first step is to divide the mech's weapons into groups. For the Catapult, the two weapon groups will be group1: x4 medium lasers and group2: x2 lrm15s.

The next step is to



RaiderZ Defender/Berserker Hybrid Build Guide

RaiderZ Defender/Berserker Hybrid Build Guide by lokit13

I know that this hyrbid class gets hated on alot because of they have no "weapon synergy' within the hyrbidization. However, with the weapon switch this concept isn't that hard to work around.

Before we start let's try to keep this thread to a flame minimum? Lets try to cut out the "Def/Zerk don't work noob" comments out of this.


RaiderZ Paladin (Defender/Cleric) Builds Guide

RaiderZ Paladin (Defender/Cleric) Builds Guide by stoicraider

Hello, my name is Stoic, and I play a Defender. I've seen several Paladin builds out there, but they all seem weak. I wanted to really make Paladins worth playing, and after testing, I realize that Paladins have a very high skill cap, but can be extremely helpful.

Paladins might not heal as much as Clerics, and don't have the

RaiderZ Sorcerer PvP Build Advice

RaiderZ Sorcerer PvP Build Advice by gogodr

I found that there are basically 2 good builds for PVP mages.

-Fire Mage
-Fire/Ice Mage

Fire Mage:

A fire mage will be a mage with slow casts but powerful attacks since you get that extra points that matter on your final skills instead of having to mix skills. This one requires a more experienced player to play since you will basically need to

RaiderZ Defender Skills Analysis Guide

RaiderZ Defender Skills Analysis Guide by kawingshek

First of all I'd like to say that I've enjoyed Defender in Alpha and I did the same on Closed Beta, however it feels a bit nerfed to play as a Defender but that's probably just me because my skill build is lv 1 on each active skill.

(PvP) tag are skills that are effective in PvP
(PvE) tag are skills that are effective in PvE
(PvP/PvE) tag

RaiderZ Defender PvP Build Guide

RaiderZ Defender PvP Build Guide by byh2o


So .. that is my build and tatics, worked great for me, if you not agree feel free to comment what you would change and why^^

Lets start xD


Armor Type:defenders are tankers, so i guess all of them are suposed to use plate armor, if you dont like plate armors maybe other classes will be better.

gems: Strenght and Stamina, first

RaiderZ Defender Build Guide

RaiderZ Defender Build Guide by kawingshek

Loli's final build for OB 33/2

Sorcerer skill tree

Skill choice information

Stunning smash 5/5:Fast and high dps, grants you ability to dodge during the animation to initiate your combo

Rush 3/3:Another initiating skill that grants you counter attack buff, including a mini stun at lv 3. This skill is useful for chasing or initiating a combo.

RaiderZ Cleric Warpriest 2H Hammer Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Warpriest 2H Hammer Build Guide by banmyhit

When I lvled my pure healer to lvl 26 in the EU server, I was thinking about changing my weapon to 2h Hammer, because at the end I dont really like the buffs, but It was already to late to change my path.

I might go for 2h Hammer after CBT, but I have no time to test it atm, so my question is: Has anyone got any experiences with a

RaiderZ Cleric Skills In Depth Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Skills In Depth Guide by frostreave

Hey everyone, my name is Frostreave, and my cleric is Grell (Crawler server)! I have noticed in some of the other forums a comprehensive list of skills that are considered valuable and others that are considered worthless, yet a distinct lack of such in the cleric forum. As a young cleric looking to learn from the pro's I want your input on

RaiderZ Cleric Melee Fighter Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Melee Fighter Build Guide by zyja21

Hi guys, this is my build for my Pure Cleric.

Weapon: 1H Mace + Shield
Sub Weapon: Staff (For Faster Healing)
Armor: Chain Int
Gems: Int

Role: Tank, Secondary Healer, Normal-High DPSer(Possesion Active)

Hammer of Light (1) - I find this useful whether for pulling creeps in PvE or a range attack on PVP.

Divine Punishment (5) - My

RaiderZ Berserker Crit Build Guide

RaiderZ Berserker Crit Build Guide by kawingshek

We focus on agility gems to socket on our plate equipment
including 2h sword with the extra crit added.
We also wear the basteroe ring 2x to gain 2% of crit.

I end up with 16% base crit, with the outrage I will have 26%.
If you dodge an attack with Dodge attack or upward strike
we will gain additional 10% crit which goes up to 36% crit chance.

RaiderZ Catacombs Guide

RaiderZ Catacombs Guide by zezkia

The trash mobs, make your way through them slowly 4 max at a time, target the wizard dudes and their skeletons die with them...


Left Boss: This boss will summon adds from black pools on the ground! Target the adds UNLESS there is a black pool on the ground... Keep the boss in the black pool and damage him in it (if he's not in it, you'll only do

RaiderZ Cleric Support Healer Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Support Healer Build Guide by xtnlol

Highly accepted in groups
Huge impact in team's survivability and performance
Very High Sustain with acceptable DPS
High customizability and gear choices

Small DPS in comparison to the other classes
Requires a group to level quickly
Patience is key, and will be greatly rewarded

Considerations to take note
This build

RaiderZ Berserker Basic Guide

RaiderZ Berserker Basic Guide by theamused92

Hi my name is Decimates and I am currently playing the closed beta as a pure zerker. I figured I'd take the time to write a quick guide to the class, and share some of the things I've learned. Note this information is only from the current closed beta and the cap is level 30. Info is subject to change with updates/patches.

"This style

RaiderZ Cleric Hybrid Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Hybrid Build Guide by kazmokarma

This build is for chain set, hammer/shield or hammer equips, not staff.
Minimum EP usage, high stamina usage

I made this build for short range, action-oriented, no long-range skills added. Whilst being a cleric and bossing, pvping, hunting, I realized that when in a team, a lot of the action goes on close around the enemy, and everyone is

RaiderZ Sorcerer Fire PvP/PvE Build Guide

RaiderZ Sorcerer Fire PvP/PvE Build Guide by vicodincanada

This is mainly thoughts on Sorc builds .till we either get another skill reset book or I have time to level another sorc > thoughts/contributions always welcome especially to clear up some of my own questions!

Note that I.m writing this mainly from the playing a Flame>based Sorc (never played alpha) so I can.t comment too much on

RaiderZ Defender Comprehensive Guide

RaiderZ Defender Comprehensive Guide by stoicraider

Table of Contents

I) Intro

II) Builds
1. PvE Defensive
2. PvE Offensive
3. PvP
4. PvE/PvP Hybrid
5. Build Q&A
6. "Solo Everything" Build

III) Skills List
1. Defender Skills (Including Hidden Effects and Chain Skills)
2. Useful Hybrid Skills

IV) Weapons and Armor
1. One-handed Sword
2. One-handed Mace

RaiderZ Ingen Map and Merchants Guide

RaiderZ Ingen Map and Merchants Guide by taintedwraith

I had a very difficult time in ingen and didn't know where everything was so this is to help players when OBT comes out xD


Ever Rose:
Head Chef Daan(Food)
Chef Oliver(Quests)
Merchant Annie(Cooking utensils)
Food Merchant Aries(Food)
Chef Lampa

Timot's Inn:
Irene(Inn keeper)

Hanna's Botique:
Seamstress Hanna(Cloth

AD400 Beginner's FAQ

AD400 Beginner's FAQ

How to choose a side?

If it isyour first time that you login the game, you have to choose your side. Thereare three empires for you to choose, Western Roman empire, Eastern Romanempire, and Hun empire. Click on the picture to read the introduction of eachempire. Choose the one that you want and click the “join” button.

How to create a hero?

After choosing an empire, you

Massacre and Conquest Gameplay FAQ

Massacre and Conquest Gameplay FAQ by Helfox

1. Getting Started

How do I register a new account?
Massacre and Conquest is operated via the Gamebox platform, and to enter the game, you’ll need to register a Gamebox account. You can also log in using a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

How do I enter the game?
Click Massacre and Conquest on to enter our log in page.

FarmVille 2 Trees and Animals Break Even Guide

FarmVille 2 Trees and Animals Break Even Guide by melissa3324

This guide will tell you how many produce you will need to sell at market price in order to break even on Trees and Animals.

This is good to know because after you break even on the trees, any produce after that is PURE PROFIT and does not cost anything except water.

Lemon Tree - Sell 15 lemons at market price.
Apple Tree

FarmVille 2 Recipes Profits Detailed Guide

FarmVille 2 Recipes Profits Detailed Guide by melissa3324

Used Profit=Revenue-Cost for this guide. Had to figure out how much it cost to feed animals. Did so by figuring out the ratios for each produce item converted into feed.

The cost for all the produce from trees are 0 because it doesn't cost anything but Water to harvest. In the recipes that use a tree, you can see how many recipes

FarmVille 2 Profit Maximization Guide

FarmVille 2 Profit Maximization Guide by Jake Reichert

Hi all,

Inspired by Lotus Blade's recipe guide, I spent some time today putting together a spreadsheet to figure out how to best maximize your profit in FV2. I'm still working through it and will post updates in this thread as I have them. I'm also happy to post a link to the spreadsheet if anyone wants to double-check my math. I

Citizen GRIM FAQ

Citizen GRIM FAQ by Torrent

Below are some tips and answers to frequently asked questions regarding Citizen Grim:

What are resource buildings?
Resource buildings are player built structures. There are empty land
plots located around the map regions where player buildings my be
constructed. Users can select from 4 resource buildings that require
Coins or Gold build and once built, players can

Wartune Leveling Tips

Wartune Leveling Tips by creedxx

Hi I am sure most of you already know these, and do these. Just thought of compiling them. More suggestions are always welcomed.

- when you are sure you are gonna be online, use the 1hr exp seeds, harvest them asap to get max exp.

- Just before u decide to log off plant 4hr/12hr exp seeds.

- When stealing crops aim for exp plants and prefer the 4hr plants to

Wartune Draw Card Trick

Wartune Draw Card Trick by MissHonest

Hello everyone!
My gaming name is MissHonest and I play on server 14. I will give u some trick how to draw card after duel so u will gain some good item what do you want.. ^_^

First I will introduce level of item what will you draw from low level to high level

when You finished your duel battle you will choose one

Wartune Mage World Boss Build Guide

Wartune Mage World Boss Build Guide by ProNab

Best World Boss Build (If you have double skill tree it works well as a secondary Option, or even as a Main if you don't mind the lack of heals) so let's get started:

Heart Elemental: Lv.2 +2 Rage Per Attack (Bonus Rage is always Good+ Leads to Mana Master)

Mana Master: Lv.3 Magic Attack Boost of 15% (You need All the Matk you can Get During WB)

Wartune Newbie Tips Guide

Wartune Newbie Tips Guide by ejdark

First of all you need to choose your character:
Knight:HP(high) PDEF(high) PATK(high) CRIT(low) MDEF(low) MATK(low) BLOCK(med)
Archer:HP(med) PDEF(med)PATK(high) CRIT(high) MDEF(low) MATK(low) BLOCK(low)
Mage:HP(med) PDEF(low) PATK(low) CRIT(low) MDEF(high) MATK(high) BLOCK(low)

Every class needs to improve this asap:

Wartune Knight Build Types Guide

Wartune Knight Build Types Guide by SirCyrus

Knights can be one of "Three Builds." Common thought is that there are two "Pure Builds" and one "Hybrid Build" for Knights as well as most classes. There is thought that Knights can not be effective damage dealers in battle and should focus on taking damage for the party instead of dealing. However this is not true, one of the classes of

Wartune Dungeon Solo and Multiplayer Guide

Wartune Dungeon Solo and Multiplayer Guide by Mojito

Solo Player Dungeon Campaign

In Wartune, you will use "stamina" to enter the single player campaign to earn both experience points for leveling up and some loots.
However, the amount of exp that you can earn is very little compared to some of the other methods in Wartune.
However, you really only run the single player dungeons for various

Wartune Knight Tank Build Guide

Wartune Knight Tank Build Guide by ProNab

Time For ProNoob's Version Of Tank Knight, I'll SUm It Up In "MY PERSONAL" Opinion What Would Be The "PERFECT" Version of A Tank Knight (Must Be At Least Lv.40 as this is meant for Lv.40+ so a Total of 20 Skill Points Will be Used):

Slasher: Lv.1 (Just For Rage Build)

Heart Of Rage: Lv.2 (Who Doesn't Want +10 rage Per Attack?)

Combat Master: Lv.3 (

Wartune Archer Simple Arena/BG Build Guide

Wartune Archer Simple Arena/BG Build Guide by ImaOhw

Archers, with their speed and stealth, are known for their use of ranged attacks and sniper abilities. Coupled with specialized attack methods. The archer is a force to be reckoned with.

Strength: High
Endurance: Medium
Armor: Low
Intelligence: Medium

Im still Level 38 in S3 Worg Lair, but this Build is for Level 40.

Now the SKILLS for

Wartune VIP Membership System Introduction

Wartune VIP Membership System Introduction by R2CS_Pat

The Wartune VIP membership is a monthly subscription, available for $7.99 a month. The Wartune VIP system is broken into nine different levels, each with separate benefits and bonuses. All VIP members start as VIP 1, with the opportunity to grow to higher VIP levels, ultimately providing more bonuses. VIP growth points are required when

Wartune Archer Non Cash Build Guide

Wartune Archer Non Cash Build Guide by ProNab

New To Archers and They have quite a variety of skills, I used skill calculator and maxed their skills 1 by 1 to see what I can mix and match for the average Lv.40 player (Most of my guides are revolved around Lv.40 ) specifically since I consider Lv.40 to be the beginning of most decent skills, if you're under it, feel free to work it my way

Wartune Knight DPS Arena/WB Build Guide

Wartune Knight DPS Arena/WB Build Guide by CamoDog

As some of you might have noticed the mages seem to do alot of dmg to us knights, since they are basicly our Counter, this will actually give you a chance to beat em in the group arena. + its usefull for fighting WB at the lower levels.

Gonna be breaking this down in to some points what stats would suit the best for this on items and what

Wartune Knight Basic Guide

Wartune Knight Basic Guide by FortitudoDei

K just to start this, my main characters are knights so i thought i'd share some of my knowledge in this guide.Ok, so lets get it started:


As a knight, your natural character advantage lies in your defenses and health points. If your goal is to deal high damage, you should choose an archer instead. Because how the game is designed,

Wartune Mage Healing Build Guide

Wartune Mage Healing Build Guide by Nazgul

Hello everyone!

My gaming name is Nazgul and I play on server 14. I have tons of guild mates and people in world chat constantly asking me about mage advice so I thought to write a post for mages! This is not the only way to build mages but in my opinion this seems to be the most viable as you go deeper into the game.


Class Overview

Wartune Astrals Basic Guide

Wartune Astrals Basic Guide by kokislo

What is Astral system?
Astral system unlocks at level 25. You can access the Astral capture screen at the bottom of the menus or by pressing the button H. To buy an astral you need at minimum of 20 000 gold.

How to draw Astral?
Rimply click on the planet to get the star draw. When you draw the from the star, you will capture the astral at different

Wartune Optimizing Your Astral Guide

Wartune Optimizing Your Astral Guide by Yvonnekl2

Welcome to my guide on how to optimized your astral. In this guide I will not be discussing about the basic stuff that 95% of the community already know. Instead, we can discuss about some strategy on how to optimized your astral effectively.

First thing first, you need to get your basic Astral before you go

Pokemonium Items List

Pokemonium Items List by TheqeMert

Oran Berry
Drop By:Many Pokemon
Drop Rate:High
Effect:Restores 10 HP
Sale Price On Shop:$5

Sitrus Berry
Drop By:Weepinbell,Tentacruel,Seel,Dewgong,Slowbro,Marowa k,Primeape,Miltank,Machoke
Lickitung,Dodrio,Rhydon,Jynx,Venomoth,Dugtrio,Taur os
Drop Rate:Medium
Effect:Restores 30 HP
Sale Price On Shop:$5

Cheri Berry
Drop By:Magikarp,Bellsprout,Oddish,

Pokemonium Leveling Guide

Pokemonium Leveling Guide by zachhalla

This guide is how I been playing atm and how I plan to level my pokemon. However until I get my main pokemon to level 65-70 I'm not worrying about iv/ev(even though my pokemon for the most part have decent to good). When 5 have obtain this level I'll swap out my pokemon 1 by 1 getting them perfect or near perfect IV and training their EV to my

Pokemonium Nature Guide

Pokemonium Nature Guide by lorkham


Many people don't know what Nature is, so I'll make a guide to describe it.

Nature, or if translated from Japanese Personality, is one of the factors how strong your pokemon is, or it could be. When your pokemon is at higher level, Nature has more impact on stats.
There is 25 different Natures. Five of them are neutral, so they don't make any impact

Pokemonium Fishing Guide

Pokemonium Fishing Guide by GozertNL

Hi guys,

There are a lot of questions about fishing, I had some trouble in the beginning too. That's why i'm making this.

Well fishing huh?

To fish you need to get an 'old rod'. You can get one in Vermilion City, in the house next to the Pokemon Center.

To fish you need to be faced to the water and press the 'R' button for the old rod. Or you can

Pokemonium Gym Leaders and Badges List

Pokemonium Gym Leaders and Badges List by TheqeMert

1.Note:Gym leaders using double pokemon sometimes.Pokemons is variable.
2.Note:After got 8th badge all gym leaders is going to have 80level pokemon

Kanto Gym Leaders
Pewter City Gym Leader Brock:Tyranitar,Onix,Golem,Kabutops,Omastar,Aerodactly
[All pokemons 15 Lv.][Reward:Boulder Badge]

Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty:Seaking,Quagsire,Golduck

Legend Warrior Favor Items Guide

Legend Warrior Favor Items Guide by qijiehong

Ok a lot of people are asking for what #Favor#(Picture) are good for.

1. For daily quest, you need this items and turn them to the game.

2. To recruit Warriors(Purple or Green Warriors). You have to donate the items to them. Depent on the Item Colour, how much you need to donate for 1% to get the Warrior.

This is the main reason

Legend Warrior Upgrading Skills Guide

Legend Warrior Upgrading Skills Guide by qijiehong

How to upgrade your skill to good(green) or Superior(blue)

To upgrade your Skill to Good(green)
First you have to Boost your Character. One of the 3 Attribute (ATP, DEF, SPO) has to be at good(green), too
After this you can upgrade your Skills to Good(green)

Now the Main question is, how to upgrade your Skill to Superior(blue)


Dragon's Call 2 Astrology Guide

Dragon's Call 2 Astrology Guide by giver35

A way to give your character and pals an advantage of your choosing, provided you are lucky anough to get it.(apears around lvl20, when the 1st equip slot opens)

Inside are several things:
an inventory like space for this bonuses called Horoscopes(more slotscan be opened with Dragon Gold), an equip window a merge button for the horoscopes inside the

Dragon's Call 2 Beginner's Guide

Dragon's Call 2 Beginner's Guide by Weeddy888

Hello all I wrote this guide because some of you didn't got the chance to play on "CLOSE BETA", and couldn't test some of the game features, so enjoy!

Chapter I: Class

Many of you probably played DC I, where you had only one character, here things are a bit different, you have one main character and other secondary characters(up to 8), and

Dragon's Call 2 Early Money and Power Guide

Dragon's Call 2 Early Money and Power Guide by Lokhagos Stormblade

1. Spend bronze tokens you get from daily questing to buy level 3 potion scrolls. Each scroll you can sell for around 17-18k each effectively giving you the advantage of more money in early game.

2. First arena ranking rewards really do count. As much as possible get the highest rank of early arena rewards. Rank 1-20 will

Heroes And Generals Beginner's Guide

Heroes And Generals Beginner's Guide by Dondergod

Chapter 1, Campaign Map Screen:

Campaign map 

As you can see, I have divided this picture into 9 letters. Yes, the 'I' is missing, since the 'J' looked better.

A: Money/earnings

3 different points:credits, gold and warbond.

-Credits: Credits are the main resource in this game, and can be gained by doing the fps missions (point G). You

Odin Quest Accessory Star Upgrade System Guide

Odin Quest Accessory Star Upgrade System Guide

With the level upgrading, all the warriors step on the road to the Lost Treasure, fighting for honor. The best way to conquer the continent is to improve your own power. Now, the Accessory Star Upgrade System is opened in Odin Quest. Thus, the accessories can devote themselves to the grand mission!


Accessory Star Upgrade is the

Odin Quest Alliance City Battle Guide

Odin Quest Alliance City Battle Guide

Do you have the dream of ascending the throne and conquer the whole continent? Do you want to obtain the supreme honor?
Brave warriors, take arms and lead all members of your alliance to beat strong competitions to make all people in Medgate bow deeply to you.
Show your power in City Battle and don’t let all your followers down!

A. About

Odin Quest Pet System Guide

Odin Quest Pet System Guide by DavidChen

1.1 Pet Introduction

Pet is one of equips of character, it is also a very important aspect of fighting capacity. And also pet with good appearance looks very cool. It’s a loyal friend of player, and can add a lot of fun in the game.

It’ll show the pet’s image in the Pet Attribute Panel, which concludes 4 tabs: Pet Attribute, Pet Improve, Pet Star

Torchlight 2 Berserker Autoattack DW Claw Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Berserker Autoattack DW Claw Build Guide by Bloodytrailz

So, you want to be a badass dual wielding berserker, and you want to play elite? Well prepare to farm, or prepare to die...a lot!

Elite offers a huge challenge to berserkers in act1...the beginning part is hard to survive (1-20, every boss fight is extremely difficult at this level)
And I'm here to offer what has worked

Torchlight 2 Engineer Summoner Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer Summoner Build Guide by Bokuden

Hey guys,

Ever since the game came out, I've been looking for a way to be a summoner but also not be squishy or be one shotted like the alchemist from TL1 used to be...Then i came along the forums and saw a post regarding full vitality (cnt find the original sorry) and wanted to test it out on ELITE mode...Low and behold im lvl 81 going

Torchlight 2 Engineer Sword and Board Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer Sword and Board Build Guide by Placeholder

v1.0 - Engineer 42/45/35

I noticed there was a lack of tankgineer builds out there, so I figured I'd start one. I'm running him through elite now, and since I just started, the build is still flexible.

I'll add some more info on this as I go, but I wanted to get it up here for comments.



Seismic Slam: Good

Torchlight 2 Embermage Infernal Collapse Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Embermage Infernal Collapse Build Guide by Funeralcrow

Hi everyone,

here is my build for my Embermage: ... e4bLqaWnBV

(hope the link works)

It`s highly effective and very easy to play, you dont need any kind of special equip, you can try it out with a respec potion instantly.
It is also very flexible for customization, because it needs

Torchlight 2 Secret Rare Areas List

Torchlight 2 Secret Rare Areas List by Katrin

Just a list of all of the secret / rare tiles I've encountered so far ~ I'd love to know of ones I've missed. (Also, the proper names if known).

To expand the explanation: TL2 uses tiles to create random maps. Some of these, either over-land set pieces or mini-dungeons, are rare and you might not find them on a play-through (unlike the set

Torchlight 2 Character Recovery Guide

Torchlight 2 Character Recovery Guide by travisbaldree

If you get in a state where your character is corrupted or not loading at the main menu, we store backups of these!
Here are the instructions for RESTORING your backed-up character in the event that it is somehow destroyed or munged up-

For Steam versions go to -
Documents/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/Save/7458XXXXXXXXXXXXX


Torchlight 2 Useful Information Compilation

Torchlight 2 Useful Information Compilation by bubux

This is for personal reference but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share. Please correct and suggest.


The player has four active slots for spells. Spells can be unlearned by clicking the "Remove Spell" button. The removed spell is permanently lost.
In T2, pets also have four active spell slots. Note that the cooldown period for

Torchlight 2 Armor Tier Pictures for All Classes

Torchlight 2 Armor Tier Pictures for All Classes by Felonius

I decided to do some mark ups of what the different tiers look like for different classes. I found that theres 6 distinct "tiers" per class that are class restricted. They aren't necessarily item sets, though some are. But they're clearly intended to go together based on Item level and the art assets given to them.

Tier Uniques:

Torchlight 2 Console Commands List

Torchlight 2 Console Commands List by deoxys

I did not test them out so experiment with caution preferably on a char you dont care about.

dont know if it was already posted somewhere but I thought it could be cool to share results of our experiments with the commands

for example :
"setdifficulty 2" will put you in veteran difficulty. 0 to 3. dont know if NG is 4.
"resetskills" will reset

Torchlight 2 Dodge Dexterity Diminishing Returns Guide

Torchlight 2 Dodge Dexterity Diminishing Returns Guide by Rokiyo

Hi Guys,

I've been doing a bit more hasty excel number crunching... This time on the theory that Dodge from Dexterity has diminishing returns. Turns out it does... But not in the way I expected! If any stats buffs would like to check my logic, it would be greatly appreciated.

First up is the dexterity formula itself, which

Torchlight 2 Socket Enchanter Finding Guide